Alpha Group. The Leader.

Alpha Group is a DCJS licensed private investigation firm serving the Hampton Roads Area. Our team consists of licensed, highly trained and motivated investigators, and a staff dedicated to producing the best possible outcome for our clients.

The Alpha Group team of investigators works on cases including, but not limited to marital infidelity, insurance fraud, child custody, white collar and criminal investigations. These situations can be fraught with danger and should be handled only by experienced and trained professionals. Our team works around the clock for you so that we can get results using a minimal amount of our clients’ time and money.

We pride ourselves on the highest standards of customer service. We will be realistic when explaining options to our clients and do whatever we can to get desired results within the budget and time frame afforded to us. We bring our honor and integrity with us on every case and utilize every skill and resource to get quick resolution and results for our clients.

The Alpha Group Training Academy.

Our Training Academy provides quality in-house training, in accordance with DCJS standards. We aim to educate our trainees in order to prepare them for careers in the field of investigation, private security, and criminal justice. We provide that required training in order for our trainees to become licensed and certified through DCJS.

Our mission is to provide our students expert and current instruction that enables them to gain the knowledge and skills needed to further their pursuit in the criminal justice and private security industry. Through expert instruction and modern worldly tactics, we give our students the tools to go out use their newfound skills in their communities. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry and to provide our trainees everything they need to succeed in this fast paced, ever evolving world.


New Classes Scheduled

Alpha Training Academy has just published the spring training schedule. New to the roster:

Bail Enforcement Agent
Handgun Training
Shotgun Training

See Our Full Schedule