Training Academy

The Alpha Group Training Academy provides quality in house training, in accordance with DCJS standards. We aim to educate our trainees in order to prepare them for careers in the field of investigation, private security, and criminal justice. We provide that required training in order for our trainees to become licensed and certified through DCJS.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide our students expert and up to date instruction that enables them to gain the knowledge and skills needed to further their pursuit in the criminal justice and private security industry. Through expert instruction and modern worldly tactics, we give our students the tools to go out use their newfound skills in their communities. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry and to provide our trainees everything they need to succeed in this fast paced, ever-evolving world.

James Booth

Director of Training/Lead Investigator

James Booth is a United States Army veteran who has worked in the Private Security, Bail Enforcement and Corrections field for most of his adult life. He graduated as the top cadet of his Academy class at the Hampton Roads Academy of Criminal Justice and is a registered Private Investigator, an Armed Security Officer, Personal Protection Agent, and a licensed Bail Enforcement Agent. James is also a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Certified Compliance Agent, General Instructor, and Firearms Instructor. Over the last three decades, James has instructed thousands of students in the Private Security and related fields.

Not only has “Jamie” taught these the courses in the Private Security field, as well as defensive tactics and other firearms instruction, he continues to actively work in the field as a Private Investigator and Personal Protection Agent at Alpha Group, LLC. He continues to improve his knowledge in the field by taking advantage of current classes and seminars offered in the field so he can keep his students up to date in field of criminal justice.

James Booth believes and teaches all his students that if they strive to be their best, work in a professional manner and adhere to the highest ethical principles in their chosen fields, there is no limit to what they can accomplish. Former students have gone on to successful careers in federal, state and local law enforcement, started successful PI and security firms, brought thousands of fugitives back to justice, as well as many other success stories. He hopes to continue to pass down his knowledge to students for many years to come. With Knowledge, Will travel.

All Alpha Group courses certify/license you by the Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice Services unless otherwise noted.