Training Academy Courses
Private Investigator

PRICE: $450
DURATION: 60 hours

This is the required course certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services needed to become registered as a Private Investigator in Virginia. The Course provides students a working knowledge of actual skills needed to be a successful investigator doing domestic/divorce/pre-marital, Workers' Compensation, child custody, missing persons, Criminal defense cases, due diligence investigations, background checks, etc. Core subjects include State and Federal Laws Relating to Private Investigations, Documentation and Report Writing, Surveillance Operations, Skip tracing and Computer Searches, Interviewing Techniques, Types of Investigations, Practical Exercises, Conflicts of Interest, Undercover Investigations, Courtroom testimony, and Employment Opportunities. This course runs for about 3 weeks (60 hours total) 6pm-10pm weekdays and 8am-4:30pm weekends.

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