Training Academy Courses
Personal Protection Specialist

PRICE: $800
DURATION: 60 hours

This is the required course certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services needed to become registered as a Personal Protection Specialist (also known as a bodyguard/Executive Protection) in Virginia. The Course provides all students with the practical skills and knowledge to be able to protect a principal/executive for personal harm, both physical and to their status and reputation in the Community or on the world stage. Core subjects include Protective Detail Operations, Physical and Mental Preparation, Threat Assessment, Legal Authority and Civil Law, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Situations, CPR / First Aid / AED Training, Protective Courtesies, Foot, Event and Vehicle Operations and Practical Real-life Detail Exercises. This course runs for about 3 weeks (60 hours total) 6pm-10pm weekdays and 8am-4:30pm weekends.

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