Training Academy Courses
Bail Enforcement Agent

PRICE: $450
DURATION: 40 hours

This is the required course certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services needed to become licensed as a Bail Enforcement Agent (also known as a bounty hunter) in Virginia. The Course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to investigate, locate, arrest, and remand back to Custody fugitives that have absconded on the bondsman after contracting in a bail agreement. Core Subjects include Laws and regulations Relating to Bail Agents, Recovery Techniques, Use of Restraints, Proper Use of Force, Remandment of Fugitives to Custody, Techniques to Gain Contracts from Local Bondsman, Tools of the Trade, Fugitive Recovery Networking, and Practical Exercises. This course runs for 2 weekends 8am-5:30pm and one weeknight 6pm-10pm (40 hours total).

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